Who will speak for them ?

CIPDVOCATE is our community relations, and advocacy program, intended to facilitate civil engagement with Community leaders, Police, Government and the people. This program is also geared to teaching/ educating the populace on their civic responsibilities as citizens and right to participate in the democratic process of governance.

One of the primary objective of CIPDVOCATE is to build and develop strategic relationships, collaborations and  processes with the specific purpose of working with women groups, youth groups, men groups, schools, faith groups, Town unions, and community organizations, special interest groups, Governmental agencies, in identifying and addressing issues affecting the overall well-being of  individual communities and democratic institutions.

Our strategic goal is to utilize this powerful vehicle to bring about environmental, social, economic, political and behavioral transformative changes, that will improve the overall developmental landscape of the community and its members.

This  engagement will build partnerships, and coalitions with communities and Government Institutions ( such as Police), and will help sensitize, reorient the people and mobilize resources that will help influence the systems and serve as catalyst for changing policies, programs and practices.

Though our major focus is on community building and development,  we may adopt some element of community organizing to build participation. Our focus is to give the community tools and platform to set their own agenda, plan from within. We will work with individual communities to  build and strengthen their structure internally, through, strategic collaboration and partnership and encouraging citizen engagement in the democratic processes, policy making and governance.

We work to promote and satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

Our social sustainability foster the development of people, communities and cultures to help achieve reasonable and fairly-distributed quality of life, healthcare and education across the globe. This informed our resolve to invest in our greatest asset the youths.

We seek to  inspire  communities of people to greatness, empowering them to be involved and engaged in  the social, economical’ and  political issues in their various communities. We seek to put smiles, in the faces of children, youths, women, men, and the most vulnerable and impoverished in our communities; giving them hope, and tools to be successful in their activities.  We raise today’s Leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

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