This is a program helps provide support, uplifting, to men, women, children who had experienced sexual and physical abuse, and violence in their lives.  It focuses on healing, peer support, case management, safe haven, rehabilitation to survivors of violence. It gives the person a platform, and voice to share their stories of triumph and victory .

This program gives victims opportunities to become overcomes. It is designed to give them the tools to overcome their traumatic, emotional and other life challenges that had weighed them down .It  addresses certain inherent and underlining issues that victims of sexual and physical abuse face  holistically.

Many abused persons situation are not the same, and there is no one size fit all approach to addressing the challenges and trauma many of them live with. The main objective of CIPVERCOM is to transform the victims into overcomers through customized therapeutic restorative approach, meeting our See One, Lift One, Teach One principle.

Studies have shown that victims of physical and sexual violence suffer  mental, physical, and reproductive health problems; like depression, suicidal behavior, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), miscarriage, abdominal pains, nutritional disorders, cancer, hypertension and other health issues. And many of these women, and children do not have access to good health care.

This is the reason CIPDI has put together a program to address these health issues in victims and give them a fighting chance to lead a successful live post abuse.

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