Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative


Most people live in oppressive environments, whether it is the Government, Home, work or school. Many people live in fear where they cannot express themselves freely without threats to imprisonment, bodily harm, emotional and physical abuse. harassment of all kinds. 

Yes this is happening in the twenty First century. Many do not know their fundamental rights and because of that take all sorts of abuse without saying a word or crying out for help. The most vulnerable among these groups are women and children.

In some countries and communities, the press is under attack and the rights to free speech, freedom of worship and expression is under attack.

Women and Children are being trafficked for sex and labor. These population live in fear and inhumane conditions and are most times held against their wills. Children are forced to live with distant relations in some countries and denied basic education and are forced to do all sorts of things to survive.

Young men and women languishing in prison without trial or judgement for years for minor offenses  in a broken criminal justices system.

Girls are denied basic universal education and forced to marry at an early age due to poverty, and cultural believes.

People with disabilities are often neglected and bullied and no one speaks or advocates for them.



We, educate, empower communities, groups to become more accountable, effective and innovative agents of change by encouraging collaboration, engagement, dialogue and shared learning among diverse groups, regions across the globe. We Educate communities and people on their fundamental Human Rights, as obtained in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. People can't fight for something they don't know exist. Once hey are equipped with the knowledge of their rights , they are then able to demand it and have a voice. We conduct seminars, workshops, colloquiums, symposiums to shine light on variety of issues affecting individual communities and groups. We provide technical expertise and guidance to individual communities and groups. we assist in funding certain projects while creating platforms through the media utilizing short dramas, stories, radio, television and newspaper press releases to give voice to those who generally are not heard. We partner with other Non-Government organizations, private sector, Inter Government agencies, International Organizations in seeking ways to achieving the sustainable development goals agenda.


We facilitate, community meetings and conversations with a view to influence local and national governance, reform processes, demand spaces for citizens, and communities to advise decision makers. We encourage and train women and youths to get involved in the political process and encourage their participation in policy making, and governance in their society. We listen, identify issues, analyze, incubate and innovate bold initiatives to accomplish specific goals.We promote, encourage, empower people to actively participate in the democratic, and political process in their communities and societies We connect local actors, communities, groups with global agendas by bringing local voices to global fora, and support people and their organizations to monitor progress, participate in democratic process and hold governments accountable for their local, national and international commitments, such as international human rights frameworks, the Sustainable Development Goals.


We advocate for institutional architecture that supports and sustains communities, including building coalitions for a common cause, connecting communities with international organizations and networks. We promote, encourage, empower people to actively participate in the democratic, and political process in their communities and societies. We raise awareness on the horrors of human trafficking  be it sex trafficking or child trafficking. We partner  collaborate with relevant agencies and organizations to shine the light on these horrible acts. We share innovative strategies and technologies that position civil community groups at the forefront of change, and advocacy to be more efficient and effective in their delivery. We explore new operational models and shift more resources to the advocacy, accountability, emergency response, training, capacity building and human rights work in community groups and collaborate with organization who are often on the front line of social transformation, activism, crisis and disaster response.


We defend civic freedom and democratic norms. Strengthen the power of people to mobilize, participate and take action in their communities. We defend the rights of the girl child to have quality Education just as the boys. And bring awareness to the dangers of forcing girls to marry at an early age. In some cases we takeover the payment of school fees for these girls due to the economic situation of their parents. We work to ensure that matters affecting the under privileged, segregated, and neglected in the society, women, children, youth get the attention they deserve on local, national, regional and global agendas. And that the people have the opportunities and tools for full, effective and creative participation in the decision-making processes that affect them. We work in solidarity with organizations and movements to advance the cause of ending inequality, injustice, insecurity, children abuse, women abuse and human trafficking.


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