CIPDI, celebrates women all over the world today March 8, 2020(International Day of Women) a day set aside to honor women all over the world. Women are integral part of our communities, societies, and nations and we must do more in according them the honor and respect they deserve.

We acknowledge the vital roles women have played and continue to play in families, communities, education sector, economic growth and political landscape. It is not enough to set aside one day to honor women worldwide, we must do more than that.

We must protect them from sexual predators, physical abusers, and those who silence their voices. We must encourage them to dream and pursue and achieve their purpose; equip them with the tools to innovate; empower them with resources and skills to lead, give them the platform to showcase their creativity and above all contribute to nation building by engaging in political discourse and Government.

We join other Civil Society Organizations in calling for gender equality, education of the girl child, socio economic and political empowerment. Many women in developing countries still face impoverishments and are disadvantaged in many aspects ranging from education, social acceptance and relevance, economic means and access to credit, to holding of political positions. Yes, we have made some improvements but the economic gap is still wide and we must work together to shrink that gap.

CIPDI has designed a program called “see one, lift one, teach one” We are launching this program this year in rural areas in Nigeria, to help encourage, train and empower women in the areas of entrepreneurship, community leadership and government, Technology and financial education. We, shall also provide them a platform to share their own stories and create their own content, addressing issues of concerns to them through our Media platforms in what we call community developmental journalism.

We strongly believe, that one way to combat hunger and world poverty is to empower women with tools, skills and resources and earning capabilities following the Proverbs 31 model. We cannot overemphasize the importance and contributions of women to family, community, society and national political, social, and economic development. And that is the reason we must close the earning and economic gap that exists between men and women; between the women who dwell in the rural areas and those in the urban areas.

Our mission in CIPDI is simply, SEE ONE, LIFT ONE, TEACH ONE, at the end they will be able to innovate, create and lead which is the ultimate vision and goal. We shall work with other Non-Governmental Organizations, civil society Organizations, Church bodies, schools and women organizations. And together we shall close the economic gap, increase the number of women holding political positions, improve and increase access to credit facilities for women in both rural and urban centers; eliminate trafficking and violence against women.

Thank you

Ifeanyi Nwanoro

President CIPDI

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