October 17, 2019

Your Excellencies,

Open letter to all the State Governors in Nigeria

We, Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative (CIPDI), In light of the tragic incident, that occurred in Onitsha yesterday October 16, 2019, find it necessary to pen this letter to all the state Executive Governors in Nigeria. We send our condolences to the families, whose loved ones died in yesterday’s disaster.The Almighty GOD give them the strength to bear their losses in JESUS name.

As an organization that trains and equips leaders, with solutions for tomorrow’s challenges; we are offering some recommendations, that will help reduce fatalities, and loss of properties in, future fire incidents. We crave the indulgence of the State Governors, to review and  implement the suggestions mentioned below in their respective states:

  1. Empower and Equip first Responders. In this case the first Responders, are Fire men/women and Police men/ women. A police van, or car should accompany the fire truck whenever the fire service is activated, due to a fire or accident. The police men can maintain order while the fire men neutralize the situation.
  2. Create Emergency response/ crisis centers, that will route calls to the nearest fire stations/ Police patrol vehicles.
  3.  Install functional fire hydrants in all the urban dwelling areas, and commercial zones of each state and city. There should be functional fire hydrants in every street, at least two poles from each other.
  4. Site fire stations within three to five minutes’ drive radius, in major commercial centers and urban dwelling areas. The average response time should be less than 3 minutes. Site and build fire / emergency response units in every ward across the states.
  5. Fire stations should be well staffed and trained with firemen and medics, ready and able to respond to fire or accidents within 3 to 5 minutes. Every fire man and woman/ first Responders should be CPR trained and certified


Thank you in advance, for making public safety your priority.  The Almighty GOD grant you all, wisdom to govern and lead; give you the heart of David to serve your states and communities with integrity of heart in JESUS name. GOD bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And


Faithfully yours,

Ifeanyichukwu Nwanoro

President and Global Coordinator for and on behalf of Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative. (CIPDI)

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