With an estimated 600 million productive jobs urgently needed over the next decade to sustain growth and maintain social cohesion, jobs and livelihoods have emerged as a key concern in many countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is reflected in their aspirations which call for inclusive and sustainable growth that incorporates productive capacities to create employment and livelihoods for the poor and excluded.

With about 42% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa living below the poverty lines; there is s great need for job creation. You can imagine in Nigeria where over 300,000 young people applied for a job that only has 1000 openings.  There is s great need for the establishment of Small and Medium Enterprises to help alleviate the unemployment problem.

Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative CIPDI, is working extensively with International Organizations, Government Agencies, Foundations to support   and assist communities and Entrepreneurs establish skills development centers, and Small and Medium Enterprises. We must also pursue short, medium- and long-term interventions.

  • Short-term interventions support livelihoods stabilization, ensuring that relief, recovery and development are a continuum. With this approach, ARISE INTERNATIONAL through partnership with Agencies, promotes a wide array of livelihood opportunities in cash-for-work schemes in reforestation, Agro food processing, high-value crops cultivation, improved agricultural practices and irrigation systems, and skills-building.
  • Medium-term interventions support local economic recovery for medium- and long-term jobs, productive employment, income generation and development solutions for displacement.
  • Longer-term interventions support economically and environmentally sustainable livelihoods, medium and long-term employment and inclusive economic growth by establishing the building blocks for countries’ resilience and ability to cope with unavoidable shocks.


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